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The Power of UltraSonophoresis

All Ultraceuticals treatments incorporate the powerful UltraSonophoresis (Infusion) technology. UltraSonophoresis utilises low frequency ultrasound that has been shown to increase transdermal penetration of various ingredients up to 1,000 times than that achieved with manual facial massage alone.

Our signature facial treatments integrate a vitamin infusion to boost penetration of potent actives depper into the skin. The Skin Workout & Paramedical treatments include an UltraSonophoresis deep cleanse for the perfect pre-treatment skin preparation.


Microdermabrasion is an advanced technique to exfoliate the skin.  This treatment removes dead skin cells and increases cellular turnover leaving the skin looking more radiant and youthful. Microdermabrasion on the face and body improves the overall look, feel, texture and tone of the skin and helps products penetrate more easily.

Professional tip: To achieve maximum results, course of Ultraceuticals professional treatments are recommended as directed by your skin clinician.

Signature Treatment

1/2 hour
1 hour

Featuring our triple action anti ageing powerhouse ingredients Vitamin A,Vitamin C,and AHA,BHAs, this treatment combines pure indulgence with total skin rejuvination.Works to actively diminish fine lines and wrinkles even skin tone,and improves skins luminosity to give a vibrantly healthy glow.

Microdermabrasion and Vitamin Booster

1 hour

The Diamontone Wand gently & effectively exfoliates the skin while at the same time a vacuum lifts the dead skin cells away. It accelerates skin renewal, refines skin texture, adds clarity & luminosity to the skin. Great for scarring, congested skin, fine lines, pigmentation, open pores and dull sallow skins followed by an ultrasonic infusion of actives Vitamin A & C for better repair and rejuvenation.

O2 Oxygenation Therapy

1 hour

This treatment simultaneously infuses moisture,vitamins and antioxidants into the skin via a cooling calming topical hyperbaric oxygen delivery system,best of all results are instantaneous after treatment.

Microdermabrasion with 02 Oxygenation Therapy $165 1 hour
We recommend the skin be prepared prior to these peel treatments. We recommend skin tone and SPF 30 two weeks prior to starting your treatment.

Skin Perfection Peel

1 hour

The Mandelic Peel derived from bitter almonds and potent antioxidant clove oil significantly reverses the visible signs of aging.  This Aha quickly eliminates dead skin cells, reduces excess sebum production, unblocks pores, surface congestion, acne, improves pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by an ultrasonic infusion of actives A & C for better repair and rejuvenation. This peel has an immediate WOW FACTOR!

Ultra Skin Workout

1 hour

This triple mega benefit of Microdermabrasion, Lactic Peel and an ultrasonic infusion for the ultimate skin workout session. This deep power packed facial works intensely exfoliate and resurface the skin dramatically improving skins texture and clarity for a brighter glowing complexion...Great before special occasions when radiance is part of the dress code!

Ultra Brightening and firming facial

1 hour

This triple action powerhouse anti-age facial with vitamin A, C, and AHA’s combines pure indulgence with total skin rejuvenation, relaxation massage included...another great facial for special occasional...for instant luminosity.

Miracle Peel

1 hour

This Azyme Peel combines the latest and most advanced anti-age breakthrough formula of retinol & bromelain to provide a dual action peel to accelerate skin cell turnover, plump, firm and super hydrate the skin, evens out skin tone and retexturises the skin..delaying appearance of
wrinkles, followed with an ultrasonic infusion of actives fir better repair and rejuvenation.


Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup combines the most up to date colours with skin care benefits that are the envy of all other conventional makeups.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup allows the skin to breathe as this non-comedogenic makeup provides sun protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is safe to use post surgery and is recommended by dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons around the world. Allow your skin to truly glow with every makeup application, you too will become addicted!

Special Occasion

45 minutes

Want to impress! Let us take care of it! Special occasion makeup is the perfect way to glam yourself up! Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne too!
Complimentary brochure, mini foundation and lippy!

Bridal Makeup Trial

45 minutes

Preparation is the key to success! And it all starts right here! Bring out the beauty in you! Complimentary brochure

Bridal Makeup

45 minutes

The big day has arrived and all eyes are on you! Those photographs are going to be around for a lifetime! We will make sure they shine! Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne to calm those nerves! 
Complimentary Champers!